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Affordable Animated Explainer Video for business

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Welcome to our animation video services! We make cheap, fun, and engaging animated videos that boost conversions. Whether you want to explain your product or service, showcase your brand, or create a video marketing campaign, we can bring your complex concepts to life with awesome animation videos.

We've Delivered The Best Cheap Video Animation Services

We are one of the leading providers of animated video services and we’ve created over 1500 explainer videos for
companies all over the world.

Inexpensive Animated Video Production For Every Industry

We deliver versatile solutions, creating animated company videos to captivate audiences across various sectors and
boost your brand presence. Check out some of the industries we support.

Finance Animation

Our production studio simplifies intricate financial concepts using top-notch video animation services, perfect for marketing campaigns and educational content that’s hard to grasp. Check out our finance animation video page.

Healthcare Animated

Impress audiences with visually striking, informative healthcare video animations, perfect for enhancing patient education or marketing materials. Our animation studio has worked with companies to deliver video content that engages and informs. Check out our medical video page.

SaaS Animation

Clarify complex SaaS concepts with our professional video animation. Choose a company like ours when looking for a SaaS video that ensures your marketing campaigns and educational content are both engaging and easily understood. Check out our SaaS video page.

Shipping & Logistics Animation Videos

Capture attention with our appealing shipping and logistics video animations produced by our animation agency, enriching educational and marketing materials with our top-notch video animation production. Check out our shipping & logistic video page.

Cybersecurity Animation Video

Enhance cybersecurity awareness with our video animation company’s services, crafting engaging content to educate and protect businesses in the digital landscape. Check out our motion graphics service page.

Real Estate Video

Showcase your properties with our video production company’s captivating real estate videos, highlighting unique features and drawing potential buyers’ attention. We’ve produces some of the best real estate videos. Check out our real estate video page.

Dental Care Animation

Are you looking for a video for your dental care? Promote dental health with our animation video company’s informative dental care videos, presenting essential information in an appealing and easily digestible format. Check out our Dental care video page.

Non-Profit Animation

Boost your non-profit’s outreach with our captivating animated video services, skillfully crafted to convey your message, inspire supporters, and foster positive change. Create effective video content that helps you stand out from the crowd. Check out our non-profit video page.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Our team are always available to answer any questions you may have about your video animation project. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Jennifer Williams

Head of Marketing

Reasons Why We're Rated The Best Animated Video Agency

Here are some of the reasons why our clients love working with us


Why break the bank for an animation video? At Ideaexplainers, we offer affordable options starting at only $359. With our engaging animated video solutions, you’ll be able to connect with your audience and boost conversions without breaking the bank. See our video samples and pricing for more information.


Why settle for a generic animated video when you can have one that’s fully customized and personalized for your brand? At Ideaexplainers, we create handcrafted characters, illustrations, and scenes and carefully match brand colors for a professional finish. Let us help you create a professional and cohesive explainer video.


We’re proud to offer a global pool of professional voiceover artists in various languages and dialects. No matter what you’re looking for – American English, French, British English, Dutch, Australian English, German, or anything else – we’ve got you covered.


Your satisfaction matters to us, which is why we go the extra mile to keep you informed about the progress of your video every step of the way. Once your order is active, we’ll assign a dedicated creative director to provide regular updates.


Unlike most animation video service companies, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your video – our speedy process means you can have your video in as little as 5 to 14 days, depending on the length of your script, without compromising on professionalism.


At Ideaexplainers, our marketing strategy is grounded in consistently delivering top-notch products, always on time. We prioritize punctuality, quality, and customer satisfaction, aiming to exceed expectations by having your video prepared ahead of schedule.

Our 2d Animation Video Production Process

Script Writing

After selecting your animation style and providing details about your business or service, our team will create a flawless script for your video. This process normally takes 1 to 2 days to complete.


Once the script is approved, we head on to making the story board. Here we use some drawings to represent the actions that will take place in the animation. This process takes 2 days to complete.


Upon approval of the story board, we will proceed to record the voice-over. Depending on the gender, language and accent you need. This process takes 2 to 3 days.


This is the final process, here we animate the characters and other images. We then sync the voice-over to the animation. Once your video is ready, we will send it directly to your email address. This process takes 3 to 4 days to complete.

Where Can I Use 2d Animation Videos?

Our unique 2d explainer videos can be used in various areas which include:


The homepage or about page of your website are the perfect spots to place your explainer video. This will help your website visitors to learn more about you, your product, service or idea without going through a lengthy text.

Social Media

Posting 2d engaging videos on your social media accounts can encourage sharing from friends and followers. It also makes it much easier to inform and educate your prospective customers about what you're offering.


Email is one of the best communication mediums and possibly the biggest for conversions. Adding video to your emails attracts the viewers, boost social shares, saves time for both sender and receivers and boosts engagement.


Explainer videos are short, to-the-point, and visually compelling. They entertain as they educate, which makes them the ideal tool for eLearning. Explainer video makes learning accessible anywhere and anytime.

Internal Training

Using 2d explainer video for internal training can save you great amount of time and money. With a 2d animated explainer video, you can train your employees on the internal processes in an innovative and engaging way.


This comes in 1-2 minute video that tells your company story in a way that attracts people to join your company or goal. Recruitment videos can save you cost and are very effective.

Pricing Plans For 2d Character Animation

The Price For Our 2d Animation Service Varies Depending On The Length Of The Video You Need. Check Below
Our Pricing Structure.

30 Seconds

For 2d Character Animation
$ 359
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 30 Second Duration
  • 7 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

60 Seconds

For 2d Character Animation
$ 659
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 60 Second Duration
  • 10 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

90 Seconds

For 2d Character Animation
$ 959
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 90 Second Duration
  • 10 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Deciding on the right animated video production company can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions from our clients to help you make the best decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional clarification.
An animated explainer video production company is a specialized business that focuses on creating engaging, informative, and visually appealing animated videos to explain a concept, product, or service.

These companies employ skilled animators, scriptwriters, and voiceover artists to craft custom-made explainer videos tailored to clients’ needs.

The main goal of this company is to help businesses communicate their message effectively, boost brand awareness, and drive audience engagement, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales.
At Ideaexplainers, we’re more than just video creators – we’re marketing experts. If you want to increase your ROI, we’re the best choice to ensure that your video converts. We handle everything from understanding your message to creating a flawless script, professional voiceover, storyboard, and high-quality explainer video. With over 1500+ videos under our belt for clients in various industries and over 12+ different languages, we know what it takes to succeed.
At Ideaexplainers, we understand the importance of creating an effective and professional animation video without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer 100% fully customized cheap videos that are tailored to your needs using our large library of pre-made elements and templates. This not only saves you money and time but helps increase your ROI in a shorter time frame.
Simply fill out a short questionnaire about your product or service, and we’ll prepare a draft script for your review. You can also send us your own script if you have one. Next, we’ll proceed with the voice-over and animation, and send you the final result via email for review. Our process typically takes 7-15 days depending on the animation style, and you’ll have a dedicated point of contact throughout the process to answer any questions.
Our animation prices can range from a few hundred dollars ($359) for a simple, short animation to several thousand dollars or more for a more complex or longer animation. However, the cost of video animation services can vary widely based on a number of factors, including the length of the animation, the video type, and the delivery time. It is important to discuss your budget and specific needs with our animation video studio in advance to receive a fair and accurate quote.
Payment will be 50% advance (post-contract) and 50% at the time of beta preview delivery. Once all clearance is done, you’ll be delivered the finalized video in full. We currently accept payment via Upwork (escrow), Payoneer, and wire transfers.
When it comes to creating an animated video, the ideal length is typically 30 seconds to 120 seconds. However, the length may vary depending on the video style. For example, an animated explainer video should be around 60 seconds to 90 seconds, while a training video may be longer at 90 seconds and above.
Definitely! With thousands of videos under our belt across various industries, we’ve probably already worked on something similar to what you’re looking for. If you have any doubts, just send us a message and we’ll be glad to assist.
Unfortunately, at the moment, our animated explainer video company doesn’t offer any form of live-action video and 3d video animation including 3d video for business, 3d animation rendering, 3d product animation services, etc.
Before we start your explainer video project, we’ll need to discuss your business or service with you. If you have a script, attach it in the form below along with your logo and website address (if available). We’ll be in touch via call or email if we need anything else.
Sure! Fill out the form below or use the chat feature to get prompt answers from us.
Yes of course! We offer unlimited revision policy! at no extra cost. We will keep revising the video until you’re happy. However, please make sure to provide us, in advance, with all the specific requirements you might have.

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