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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Our Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy

We are confident that our clients will be satisfied and happy with our services, as we always follow all the commitments and requirements of our clients and deliver the most exceptional services for them. However, if any client has issues with the quality of our work, they can contact American Design Network directly at (872) 278-4109 or email us at [].

The approval of the Client’s Refund Request is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

The Process of Refund Request

If you are eligible for a refund as per the Terms and Conditions, your refund request will be processed as follows:

Phone # (872) 278-4109

Online Chat

Email us at []

The American Design Network is here for any kind of assistance. You can feel free to contact us at []

Quality Assurance Policy

At American Design Network, we train our designers to follow specific standards. We train them to conduct thorough and relevant research. We train them to be super creative in their tasks.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

American Design Network has always been one of the best companies in satisfying their clients. We focus on working with our clients until they are happy.

Delivery and Domain

American Design Network provides you with the best video animation services and we have an opportunity for you to get a delivery and domain completely free of charge.

Delivery Policy

We have a specified date for the confirmation of your order. An email is delivered to the client about their design order delivery to our client’s “My ID” area. On the order confirmation date, all the design order files are delivered. The design order delivery email is sent to the client to notify them about the order’s delivery made to their ID area. We have a complete delivery procedure to ensure there are no complaints from our side. Each policy related to refunding and revising is governed by the order time and order date to the client’s ID area. Through email, we deliver our custom-made orders within 4 to 5 days of receiving your order. American Design Network provides you with “Speedy Delivery” through which you can avail of incredible samples of services within 48 hours by just paying $150 extra. The American Design Network is here for any kind of assistance. You can feel free to contact us through our 24-hour Client-Support service.

Record Maintenance

Before American Design Network submits the final files, we already have proof of your finalised design.

Keeping the proof is because if you ever require it from our team in the future, we can surely deliver them to you.

Client Support

We provide our beloved clients with reliable client support for 24 hours. American Design Network is always present for its clients in the matter of any concerns or questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team as we provide you with complete assurance of responding to you on time.

Communication Policy

Our own domain is “[]” and our team is not responsible for any communication from a different email address other than the one followed by our domain name and phone number mentioned on our website.

The Most Exclusive Designing Guarantee

As American Design Network professionals are experts at exclusive designing, we guarantee all our clients that all the video animations and illustrations are made from scratch. You can avail of our customised video animations and illustrations according to your requirements. We fully guarantee you that your video animations and illustrations will be attractive to the viewer’s eye.